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Discuss the differences between preventive and corrective discipline

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Paper instructions:
1. Discuss the differences between preventive and corrective discipline. Do you favour one form of discipline over the other? Identify the contexts in which each is most appropriate.

2. Explain the difference between “equal pay for equal work” and “equal pay for work of equal value,” and elucidate the differences in implications for a human resources manager.

These two questions needs to be answered. Page and a half for each question. This is regarding human resources management in health care organization.

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Read John Stuart Mill article about social tyranny, what is he is opinion? and does social tyranny exist nowadays?

In 2012, the Obama Administration put forth the Consumer’s Privacy Bill of Rights as a roadmap for future legislation.

Analyze the audit opinion formulation process and suggest at least one (1) improvement to the process to strengthen audit opinions. Provide a rationale to support your suggestion